Proceedings of @CAT: Opportunities and Principles of Catalytic Resonance Theory

Proceedings of @CAT, Paul Dauenhauer, "Opportunities and principles of catalytic resonance theory"

Beyond the Classroom: Heterogeneous Catalysis

Heterogeneous Catalysis 101

Biomass Boom: An Economic Expansion for Sustainable Consumer Products


Paul Dauenhauer, Associate Professor and DuPont Young Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science explains how everyday materials and products including shampoo, laundry detergent, clothing, food packaging and fuels will be made in the future from sustainable biomass such as trees and grasses. This presentation describes three breakthrough technologies being developed at the University of Minnesota to create new technologies for conversion of biomass to new soap molecules, plastics, and renewable rubber for car tires. This lecture was originally given at the 50-Year/Golden Medallion Society Reunion on May 12, 2017.

Paul Dauenhauer - Minnesota Chromatography Forum 2017

"Universal Carbon Detection for Calibration-Free Quantification of Complex Molecules" - Paul J. Dauenhauer, 2017 - Minnesota Chromatography Forum.  

Public Lecture: An Ocean of Sustainable Carbon - A Future of Novel Materials from Biomass

An Ocean of Sustainable Carbon: A Future of Novel Materials from Biomass

Beyond the Classroom: Process Chemistry

Beyond the Classroom: Process Chemistry

Paul Dauenhauer - MUACC 2015


Quantitative Carbon Detection for Rapid Analysis of Complex Mixtures.  - Paul J. Dauenhauer, 2015. Midwest Universities Analytical Chemistry Conference (MUACC)