Alumni - Graduate Students

Matthew S. Mettler

Matthew Mettler  Graduate Student

 2009 - 2012

 Thesis:  Revealing Cellulose Pyrolysis Chemistry for Biofuels Production

 Current Affiliation:  ExxonMobil


Jin Yang

Jin Yang  Graduate Student

 2008 - 2013

 Thesis:  Experimental and Computational Studies of Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of Biorenewable Aromatic Chemicals

 Current Affiliation:  Dow Chemical Company


Andrew R. Teixeira

Andrew Teixeira  Graduate Student

 2009 - 2014

 Thesis:  Transport Limitations in Zeolites and Biomass Pyrolysis

 Current Affiliation:  Assistant Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


C. Luke Williams

C. Luke Williams Graduate Student

 2009 - 2014

 Thesis:  Diels-Alder Cycloaddition of Biomass-Derived Furans

 Current Affiliation:  Idaho National Laboratory


Sara K. Green

Sara Green  Graduate Student

 2009 - 2014

 Thesis:  Renewable Toluene by Diels-Alder Cycloaddition of Biomass-Derived Methylfuran

 Current Affiliation:  ExxonMobil


Sheng Chu

Sheng Chu  2009 - 2014

 Graduate Student

 Thesis:  Production of Renewable Chemicals and Energy from Waste Biomass

 Current Affiliation:  Natural Systems Utilities, New Jersey, USA


Alex Paulsen

Alex Paulsen  2010 - 2015

 Graduate Student

 Thesis:  Primary and Secondary Reactions of Cellulose Melt Pyrolysis

 Current Affiliation:  Mainstream Engineering, Florida, USA


Christoph Krumm

Christoph Krumm  Graduate Student

 2011 - 2016

 Thesis:  Pulse-Heated Analysis of Solid Reactions

 Current Affiliations:  Sironix Renewables


Cheng Zhu

Cheng Zhu  Graduate Student

 2011 - 2016

 Thesis:  Energetics of Cellulose Initiation

 Current Affiliation:  Post-doc - North Carolina State University


Katherine Vinter, Ph.D.

Katherine Vinter  Graduate Student

 2013 - 2018

 Thesis:  Production of Renewable Aromatic Chemicals from Biomass-Derived Furans through Bronsted Acid Zeolites

 Current Affiliation:  Ginkgo Bioworks


Saurabh Maduskar

Saurabh Maduskar Graduate Student

 2013 - 2018

 Ph.D. Millisecond Kinetics of Cellulose Activation

 Current Affiliation:  ExxonMobil, Houston, TX



Kristeen Joseph

Kristeen Joseph Graduate Student

 2013 - 2018

 Thesis:  Synthesis of Oleo-Furan Sulfonate (OFS) Surfactants

 Current Affiliation:  Dow Chemical Company



Greg Facas

Greg FacasGraduate Student

2015 - 2020

Thesis:  Calcium-Catalyzed Activation of Cellulose

Post-graduate Affiliation:  National Renewable Energy Laboratory