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Research Team

Name Previous Institution Degree in Progress Started
Dr. Dae Sung Park Catalysis for Renewable Chemicals In Progress 2014 - Present
Dr. Charles Spanjers Center for Sustainable Polymers In Progress 2015 - Present
Christoph Krumm University of Washington Ph.D. 2011
Cheng Zhu Zhejiang University Ph.D. 2011
Xiaoduo Qi University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. 2012
Kristeen Joseph Institute of Chemical Technology - Mumbai Ph.D. 2013
Saurabh Maduskar Institute of Chemical Technology - Mumbai Ph.D. 2013
Katie Vinter University of Rochester Ph.D. 2013
Greg Facas University of Delaware Ph.D. 2015
Jonathan Damen Undergraduate Researcher   2015
Connor Beach Undergraduate Researcher   2015

Alumni - Doctoral Students

Name Thesis Post-Graduation Position Graduated
Matthew S. Mettler, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Revealing Cellulose Pyrolysis Chemistry for Biofuels Production ExxonMobil, Clinton, NJ 2012
Jin Yang, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Experimental and Computational Studies of Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of Biorenewable Aromatic Chemicals Dow Chemical, Freeport, TX 2013
Sara Green, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Renewable Toluene by Diels-Alder Cycloaddition of Biomass-Derived Methylfuran ExxonMobil, Clinton, NJ 2014
C. Luke Williams, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Production of Sustainable Aromatic Chemicals from Biorenewable Furans Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID 2014
Andrew R. Teixeira, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Transport Limitations in Zeolites and Biomass Pyrolysis MIT, Postdoctoral Scholar 2014
Sheng Chu, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Production of Renewable Chemicals and Energy from Waste Biomass Natural Systems Utilities, Inc., New Jersey, USA 2014
Alex Paulsen, Ph.D. Thesis Title: Primary and Secondary Reactions of Cellulose Melt Pyrolysis University of Minnesota, Postdoctoral Scholar 2014

Alumni - Researchers

Name Research Topic Current Position Dates
Dr. Geoff Tompsett Coal Combustion Desulfurization Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2010 - 2012
Dr. Alex Paulsen Catalysis for Renewable Chemicals In Progress 2014 - 2015


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